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In economic terms, education means human capital. If we have well-equipped human resources, we can use our resources more efficiently, accurately, and fairly.

Teknofen College includes kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and high school education levels. With the principle of ‘the way to knowledge is through curiosity’ in kindergarten, our main goal is to develop children’s sense of curiosity, increase their motivation for learning and instill enthusiasm for learning. Based on the principle of ‘prepare for life’ in primary school, 21. Critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, cooperation, communication, information literacy, media literacy, information technology literacy, entrepreneurship, self-management, intercultural interaction, leadership, reliability, and responsibility for our students in line with the goal of raising individuals with all the skills required by the 21st century. We are nurturing the basics.

In secondary school, we remove the obstacles to academic success with our secondary school education, which closely follows new developments in the world of education and is constantly updated in the light of these developments. In addition to success in national exams, we train students who are active in scientific, social, cultural, artistic, and sports fields. Teknofen College aims to train qualified individuals who can produce products that will add value to life. As Güven Holding, we brought Ankara Bilim University to our capital and our country in order to contribute to the future of our country from kindergarten to university. The aim of our university is to develop the awareness and culture that will spread sustainable development at the individual and institutional level; in this sense, by closely following the developments in our country and the world; by the Turkish Efficiency Foundation and Güven Holding, a non-governmental organization responsible for setting high productivity standards and practices in terms of environment, economic targets and human nature; It is a foundation university established in line with these basic strategies and objectives.