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Our company, which is grown by the experience of our founders in petroleum products trade, construction, and logistics activities; has played an important role in the renewal of our country’s increasing highway network, divided roads, and highways. By playing an important role in the bitumen supply of many airports, highways, and state roads; continues to move forward with firm steps with its experienced personnel in the sector and the machinery park of the company.



Güven Logistics, which is among the important organizations in the logistics sector, has expert staff and its own large and powerful vehicle park. Our logistics company, which was established with the experience and knowledge of Güven Holding and continues on its way with confident steps, provides services all over Turkey and makes a great contribution to our country’s economy.



Güven Signaling produces turnkey solutions for electrification and communication subsystems in road and rail transport at national and international standards, carries out road traffic monitoring and management systems, tunnel control systems, project design, construction, and operation activities, and provides communication, navigation, runway lighting, aircraft parking, airport information systems at international standards.



Güven Membran, a part of Güven Holding, is a leading membrane manufacturer in various industries. We believe in investing in constantly evolving technology to move our business forward and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We are committed to collaborative innovation with our customers to develop customized and sustainable solutions that create cycles of value and virtuous mutual benefit.



As part of Güven Aviation, we offer a personalized flight experience with our private jets. We are proud to be the first choice of the leading business people of our region for all their private air travels. We transform our values into benefits with Güven Aviation’s private passenger transportation service. We are happy to be the first choice of the most important business people of our region in all private aviation services.



Güven ALG Petrol Ürünleri Anonim Şirketi;

To ensure that fleet-owning companies in our country meet their fuel needs “quickly, comfortably, and reliably” at Petrol Ofisi stations without making any payment and keep their fuel consumption under control, Güven ALG provides a “fast service for different needs of all commercial fleets, regardless of “from one vehicle to a thousand vehicles”. We provide easy and innovative” solution alternatives.

GÜVEN ALG offers products and services that are “designed considering the needs of you and your business” and allow you to manage your fleet comfortably.


International Trade

Established with a quarter-century of experience and know-how of Güven Asfalt, the flagship of Güven Holding, UK TRG International has set out to have a say not only in bitumen trade but also in global commodity trade.

It serves all countries with Güven Holding’s understanding of “trust first in trade”. As we continue to work with UK TRG International with passion, courage and responsibility, we carry the trust placed in us into the future.



Güven Insurance is the leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance, and other types of insurance-based risk transfer. From standard products to tailored coverage across all lines of business, we use our capital strength, expertise, and innovation power to drive the risk-taking on which enterprise and progress in society depend.

We have a longstanding commitment to the diverse communities in which we live and work. In partnerships, sustainability initiatives, social responsibility projects, and more, we act strategically to address societal issues and make a positive impact.



Under the umbrella of TRG Group Companies, we provide personalized health services in the world and in Turkey with our hospitals, contracted hospitals, our laboratories, contracted laboratories, and also our offices abroad.

At TRG Health, it is our priority to provide reliable, fast, and personalized health services for every individual today and in the future. We are responsible to the world and dare to take every step that is good for humanity.



Teknofen College attracts a wide range of students by offering a complete and rigorous curriculum supported by technology, suitable for student interests and educational standards. We enable our students to attend university and pursue a career path while earning a prestigious high school diploma.



At Eliz Hotel Convention Center Thermal Spa & Wellness, Kizilcahamam, you will discover Turkish hospitality, the unique beauty of Kizilcahamam nature, and the experience of a comfortable holiday. You will learn tips about your health and you will have an excuse to get away from it all. With Eliz Hotel Convention Center Thermal Spa & Wellness, one of Turkey’s largest thermal tourism facilities and convention centers, we offer Europe’s first and the world’s seventh-highest quality thermal water source to the service of those who want to meet with the healing power of nature.



Ankara’s gateway to the world, the perfect meeting point, the center of art, fairs and events; Congresium

The 80,000 square meter usage area of the Congressium, the 10,000 square meter exhibition and exhibition halls are designed for large events and equipped with solutions to meet every need.



To provide the best service and presentation to its customers, Eliz Restaurant has aimed to bring a different perspective by going beyond the traditional kebab concept in the center of Ankara. As a concept restaurant, Eliz Restaurant is hosting its guests with its delicious and rich menu content at Ato Congresium.



We provide delicious food with our food engineer, quality service with our experienced chefs, and friendly staff. Eliz Catering appeals to the eyes, apart from eating. Satisfying our valued customers with our experienced staff is one of our main priorities. By keeping hygiene at the forefront of the services we have given to you; We continue to offer quality service with the freshest products and professional and delicious food.