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güven alg


Güven ALG Petrol Ürünleri Anonim Şirketi; With the aim of ensuring that fleet-owning businesses in our country meet their fuel needs “quickly, comfortably, and reliably” at Petrol Ofisi stations without making any cash or visa payment, and keep their fuel consumption under control, Güven ALG provides “fast delivery service for the different needs of all commercial fleets”, regardless of “from one vehicle to a thousand vehicles”. We provide easy and innovative” solutions and alternatives.

GÜVEN ALG offers products and services that are “designed considering the needs of you and your business” and allow you to manage your fleet comfortably.


Only the fuel price received is recorded in the system, it is not possible to purchase another product.
Possible financial losses that may arise from personal mistakes are completely eliminated.
Fuel consumption control is provided on the basis of vehicle and period.
No money or cards are required to be given to the driver, thus eliminating the risk of them being stolen.
Time is saved at every stage, both in shopping and fleet management.
Incomplete product delivery to the vehicle’s warehouse is prevented.
Fueling another vehicle is prevented.


No need to give cash or credit card to the driver.
It can be checked whether the vehicle is in the right place at the right time.
The itinerary of the vehicle can be monitored daily.
It is prevented that the wrong product is placed in the vehicle’s tank.
Fuel consumption is managed in the most effective and reliable way.


It benefits from a wide station network throughout Turkey.
The driver does not need to prepare an expense slip and wait at the station to receive an invoice.
Invoice and consumption reports management is done from a single center.
Payment is made to a single point rather than hundreds of stations.

A Vehicle Identification Unit is attached to your vehicles. This unit, which contains the information about your vehicle, is a unit that communicates with the pump at the time of fuel filling and transfers the vehicle information to the PO Automation system. The system starts to work when a vehicle with a Vehicle Identification Unit installed receives fuel from the pump at the PO station, which has the Güven ALG System. Communication occurs when the pump gun is placed in the tank of the vehicle.

Vehicle information; vehicle identification is transmitted to the Station Control Unit by means of vehicle identification systems, vehicle identification unit, and warehouse antenna. After receiving confirmation from the Station Controller, the pump runs. At the end of the filling, the filling information (liter, unit price, product type, date, time, vehicle plate, kilometer, etc.) is stored in the memory of the station control unit, and a filing receipt containing all this information is automatically printed by the printer and given to the driver for information.

As soon as the process of becoming a Güven ALG customer is completed, the assembly process begins and is completed within a few hours. In addition to quickly taking control of your fleet, you immediately start to receive service from more than 1700 Petrol Ofisi stations all over Turkey, the widest station network in Turkey.