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Our values, which have permeated all levels of Kalyon Holding and all companies under the umbrella of Güven Holding, have been fully embraced by all our employees, guide all our activities, and form the basis of our corporate culture. We all wholeheartedly believe, share and always uphold these values. We turn our values, created in cooperation with Kalyon & Güven, into benefits with our private passenger transportation service. We believe that the secret of perfection is hidden in meticulousness, in our company structure where experience is blended with innovation and innovation; With a strong organization, efficient teamwork, and trust-oriented approach, we attach importance to every detail to offer excellence. Honesty, justice, and respect have been the basis of our operation and the compass of our journey from past to present. We give priority to honesty and transparency in our relations with our customers, employees, and business partners; We respect social, cultural, and political values. Our human resources are our biggest capital and the determinant of our production quality. With this awareness, we believe that it is always our priority to bring quality manpower to our group, increase the productivity of our employees, enable them to develop, and offer a working environment dominated by strong cooperation. We are constantly updating our knowledge, technology, and services to provide the most suitable service to the changing world and the expectations of our customers. We welcome new ideas with interest, constantly question old habits, and are not afraid of change.