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Güven Signaling produces turnkey solutions for railways, electrification and communication subsystems in accordance with national and international standards. Signaling system for warehouses on railways, relay and electronic interlocking systems for main lines, turnkey integration of ETCS Level 1 and ETCS Level 2 signaling Systems. Güven Signaling has the ability to set up signaling systems in Europe and Asia with its design and project team, which has a command of the norms changing according to the geography of the railway.



Güven Signaling carries out the design, project, construction and operation activities of highway traffic monitoring and management systems, tunnel control systems, urban traffic monitoring and management systems and toll collection systems on highways. Güven Signaling, which carries out turn-key projects with unique methods around the world, continues its activities successfully in many geographies with its fast mobilization capacity, project design teams meeting international standards and cost-effective solutions.



Güven Signaling establishes Communication, Navigation, Runway Lighting, Aircraft Parking and Airport Information Systems for airports in accordance with international standards. It can realize some or all of these systems on a turnkey basis, depending on the specification and location, in terms of design, supply and assembly.


It is Turkey’s longest and the world’s third-longest highway project, aiming to cross the Ovit Mountain Pass in the İkizdere-İspir location of the highway between Rize-Erzurum with a highway tunnel. With the agreement signed with Cengiz İnşaat in May 2017, electromechanical, signaling and various construction works are carried out in partnership with MC Güven.



Cengiz Construction Inc. Tunnel electromechanical and signaling works of Gümüşhane Ring Road project, which is under construction within the body of MC Sistem Elektrik- Elektronik A.Ş. – We operate in partnership with Güven Holding. In the project in question, Channel System Cable Carriage, Lighting, Traffic Control (VTS-VMS), Ventilation Control, Fire Detection, and Extinguishing, Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Public Announcement, and Emergency Communication Systems are installed. Moreover; The construction of signaling system buildings such as Energy Distribution Buildings, Water Tanks, Control Center Buildings, and In-Tunnel Transformer Buildings is also ongoing.