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As the Güven Holding family, we believe that the biggest capital of an organization is its human resources. In order to contribute to the sustainable success of our country, Güven Holding has adopted a management approach that values ​​people. Being responsible, brave, reliable and innovative with the values ​​of Güven Holding forms the basis of our Human Resources policy. Under the brand of Güven Holding; We prefer to employ qualified human resources within our organization.

In this way;

• We work with people who are willing to adopt the mission and values ​​of the Holding.

• We select our human resources among those who own their jobs.

• We prefer to work with people who are open to change and innovation.

• We aim to be a preferred company by creating a competitive wage environment.

• We increase productivity by investing in the professional and personal development of our employees.

• We follow a transparent and fair management policy and care about employee loyalty.