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TRG Health Group companies under the umbrella of Güven Holding, TRG International Health Services started their activities in many cities of Turkey with their headquarters in Ankara and Istanbul. Under the umbrella of TRG Group Health, our own hospitals, contracted hospitals, our own laboratories, contracted laboratories and also our offices abroad provide personalized healthcare services in the world and in Turkey. As TRG Health, it is our priority to provide reliable, fast and personalized health services for every individual today and in the future. Our responsibility to the world and our courage to take every step that will be good for humanity form the basis of our reliability.

As we do today, we will continue to work for humanity tomorrow.

As TRG, we provide comfort and confidence in personalized health services. We want to be the first company that comes to mind in personalized health services all over the world.

Our Departments

• Dentistry

• Allergy and Immunology

• Brain surgery

• Surgical Oncology

• Pediatric Surgery

• Pediatric Endocrinology

• Pediatric Gastroenterology

• Pediatric Genetic Diseases

• Pediatric Cardiology

• Pediatric Nephrology

• Child Neurology

• Pediatric Rheumatology

• Pediatric Urology

• Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry

• Dermatology

• Nutritionist

• Physical therapy and rehabilitation

• Gastroenterology

• General Surgery

• Chest Surgery

• Chest Diseases

• Ophthalmology

• Hematology

• Internal diseases

• Gynecology and Obstetrics

• Cardiology

• Cardiovascular Surgery

• Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

• Nephrology

• Neurology

• Nuclear medicine

• Orthopedics

• Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

• Rheumatology

• Medical Genetics

• Medical Oncology (Cancer)

• Urology

Our Offices









TRG International Health, which established its head office in London in order to make significant contributions to the world in the name of health tourism and to offer the opportunity for individuals seeking solutions to their diseases to have a healthy life, continues to serve in many centers of the world and Europe. TRG International Health London head office, especially;

It also provides services in Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It attaches maximum importance to patient satisfaction within the system it has established in a way that can solve all the needs of guests coming from Turkey or abroad. From the first day patients reach us to their treatment processes, from the time they spend to the time they return to their countries, all stages are managed in a controlled manner and the studies are carried out meticulously. TRG provides services with hospitals established with world-class technologies and an experienced team of doctors. By providing a reliable health service to individuals, patient treatments are carried out with the latest and new methods, and it is aimed to increase the quality of life of individuals. In addition to health services, accommodation and travel services are also offered to the guests, providing a unique experience and a pleasant holiday opportunity. Your needs are planned in detail so that you can travel easily and comfortably, discover new places and have a comfortable stay. TRG offers you many options where you can make the most of your remaining time while achieving the healthy life you desire.

The hospital, which started to operate as Bağcılar Hospital, continued its activities as a Private Hospitalist Hospital after it changed hands. TRG Hospitalist Hospital, with a completely different vision and renewed face within the body of Güven Holding, started its service in the Istanbul Bağcılar region.

Centering on human health and patient satisfaction, TRG Hospitalist Hospital has set out to carry out the necessary change and transformation to raise the quality of its service to the highest level, by making investments and planning.

Operating in a closed area of ​​3,250 square meters, TRG Hospitalist Hospital provides health services in 22 different branches with a staff of 35 physicians and a total of 196 employees.

Within TRG Hospitalist Hospital, which has a capacity of 80 beds;

A total of 22 Adult Intensive Care beds, 9 Internal, 9 Surgical, and 4 Coronary,
Newborn Intensive Care Unit with 32 incubators,
With 20 service rooms and a total of 26 service beds, it has the infrastructure to enable inpatients to complete their treatment processes healthily and comfortably.
For our patients who will receive outpatient examination and treatment, 18 polyclinic rooms are active during working hours, and the Emergency Service, which has an additional 8 observation beds, is active 24/7.

In TRG Hospitalist Hospital, for patients to benefit from the most effective diagnosis and treatment methods;

In addition to PCR Laboratories
There is also an Endoscopy / Colonoscopy Unit.

TRG Biotech, which we established with an innovative service approach against the COVID-19 epidemic, which has had its effect all over the world and in our country, provides privileged service in our laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health, without the need to go to the hospital.

Biotech’s innovation focuses on molecular technologies enabling healthcare providers to rapidly identify specific infections and to make timely clinical management decisions (e.g. hospitalization, isolation, and antimicrobial treatment or lack thereof).

Biotech has a supplying capacity of millions of tests/per day. Predominantly in Europe and America, Lots of Biotech tests have been used on 5 continents. Biotech operates ISO 13485 and 9001 quality management systems. Biotech’s molecular diagnostics solutions have both FDA and WHO approval among the 480 companies producing molecular tests in the world.

Biotech is committed to providing both quality products and quality service to our customers.
Our experienced team covers the whole of the world and they are responsible for promoting and supporting an extensive catalog of medical products and devices in the disciplines of Individual First Aid Kits, ENT Examination Units, Anaesthesia and Emergency, as well as our own Comfort Care, Bedding Protection and Garment range.

Biotech has been successful in establishing long and fruitful relationships with highly reputable manufacturers over the years and is the distributor for many prestigious brands from the healthcare industry worldwide.

Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced technology, and all systems and devices are designed at international standards to get the fastest and most accurate results. Our laboratory and field teams, working day and night, are capable of providing 24/7 service.

With the assurance of TRG, the owner of projects that contribute greatly to Turkey’s domestic and international health tourism, your corporate and individual COVID-19 testing processes are carried out safely.

As TRG Biotech; It continues to provide services at many central points, especially at IGA Istanbul Airport,, Istanbul Ota Jinemed Hospital, Istanbul and TRG Hospitalist Hospital.

Our center, which offers the concept of a 5-star hotel and physical therapy and rehabilitation applications with accommodation for the first time in Turkey, provides its services with its specialist doctors, physiotherapists, and professional staff, and offers its patients the opportunity to have a healthy life with 20 beds and 20 outpatient treatment units.

Our center, allows individuals in need of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in the country and citizens of other countries seeking treatment solutions abroad, to regain their health by receiving quality and correct treatment; With its clean air and lush nature, Eliz Hotel, which has experienced reliable and quality service, is located in Kızılcahamam, in the Thermal Spa & Wellness.

Eliz Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is the first physical therapy center with accommodation that has a health tourism authorization certificate in Turkey. To its guests under the roof of a unique nature; It offers comfortable accommodation, thermal health, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and safe transportation opportunities together. With the transformation of Eliz Hotel Convention Center Thermal Spa & Wellness into a health center, the concept of a 5-star hotel is offered to guests together with a physical therapy and rehabilitation center with accommodation.

As TRG HEALTH, we care that you receive a comfortable, fast, and safe health service since the day we were founded. In addition to our hospital services, we are closer to you with TRG Mobile Health in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Mersin.

Mobile healthcare; access to health and care services without changing the individual’s comfort zone.


It provides a special care advantage to people in their comfort zone.

It eliminates the stress that can be experienced in the hospital environment.

Saves time

It reduces the risk of infection.

Having access to 24/7 healthcare services reduces fear and anxiety.

Your Health is Safe with Us…


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